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Quality Assurance

Quality: the Touchstone of any Translation from Sunfloret

Your translation is in safe hands
Sunfloret translators are professionals; the final version will have been passed by a native speaker. Furthermore, your translator will know your subject, not just the language.
We match the highest standards
Sunfloret translators are equally thorough when it comes to the proofreading and editing of the translated text. We match the highest standards set in the industry.
Formatting is an essential part
We ensure that the documents are formatted in accordance with your requests. Our desktop publishing team will follow your exact requirements.
Certification and notarisation
We provide you with a certificate of the accuracy of the translation. Should you require official notarisation of any document, this is also available.
QA and QC standards
At Sunfloret we adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100:2015 standards – the best known and most widely recognised standards in the translation industry.
Meeting your deadline
Your deadline is our priority. We respect your valuable time, and we are always on schedule.
Your work is confidential
We know how valuable your intellectual property is. We would never pass onto a third party the content of a client’s text.
We provide an unparalleled translation service. Client feedback surveys help us to meet our clients’ expectations.

Translation Project Management

Each project is managed individually; we are a “translation boutique”.
Each client has a single point of contact.
This means that we:
Assess the client’s specific needs and requirements and offer any advice we consider necessary when starting the project
Communicate with clients throughout the translation project stages on any linguistic or technical issues
Prepare quality assurance checklists, deliver the final project and discuss any feedback
Evaluate overall project performance and maintain the translation history of each project

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